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SeedS started off as a side project during the days of Positive Rail. Chad Walker and I knew that certain musical paths were harder to steer our drummer, Hutch Benton, down than others. Hutch loved jamming and playing our brand of rock n' roll, but he had a hard time comprehending music with weirder harmonies or uncommon meters. SeedS was our way of keeping our hands in both rock music and this more challenging avenue. It started one weekend when I stayed with Chad at his dad's house. I had brought my acoustic guitar so we could play if we wanted, but Chad had forgotten to bring an amplifier for his electric bass, leaving us without that option. Late one night, after listening to music, surfing the internet, and playing Cruisin' World on Chad's Nintendo 64, we went to his dad's room and started recording. Using only my acoustic guitar, computer software, and a computer microphone, we produced our song Maize. The next day, we repeated the process to create High Quality Bootleg. These two songs shocked us. We had made music which, at the time, sounded nothing like us.

The name SeedS has no definite origin; it probably came through an aimless conversation that weekend. We even played the music for Hutch, and he had no idea it was us. This left me and Chad pretty excited about the prospects of pursuing SeedS concurrently with Positive Rail. However, before long, Positive Rail broke up and we decided to pick up the pieces and continue full-time as SeedS.

First, we tried to team up with a new drummer, Christopher Williams, but after two jam sessions (one of which produced INK) we realized our musical goals were not in line with his and continued as a duo. We spent a lot of time working on an album of new music and new renditions of music from Turpatine, but eventually we decided that the best option would be to blaze new trails. We worked together to couple Maize and High Quality Bootleg with a group of remixes to produce 37 Remixes, after which we recorded two CDs of improvised music on guitar/synthesizer and bass: Delectable Hemoglobin and Jibberdee Fownk.

We recorded some more music over the next few months, and although SeedS never officially broke up, Chad and I moved on to work together on film projects and the parody band Caucoffin instead of pursuing our duo.
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