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The Caucoffin Anthology (2005)
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General Notes
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At some point, Chad and I decided that we wanted to change our band's name from SeedS to something new, but we could never figure out a new name. One day, which I remember very vividly, we were sitting in my room listening to Add N to (X)'s brand new album, Loud Like Nature, and my mother asked me to help her bring out the trash. Why is that important? Because the moment I walked outside with the recyclables, I thought only one thing: Cacoffin. I walked back inside and told Chad my new idea for our band name, and although he loved it, we mutually agreed it would be a better name for a heavy metal band.

We didn't forget the name, and in early 2004, the two of us created our first parody heavy metal song, Master's Fight, under the slightly-respelled Caucoffin. Whereas Joe and I had created Crazy T based on over-the-top generalizations of rappers, Chad and I sought to over-generalize the little we knew of heavy metal with this project. We focused on simple, drop-D progressions, over-the-top guitar solos, and angsty lyrics about Satan.

All of our friends were welcomed to contribute to the greater good that was Caucoffin. Although the instrumental line-up for this fictional band consisted of five players, eight different people contributed to it over the months we recorded. Officially, my alter-ego in the band was lead guitarist Thor's Hammer, although we also invented Loki's Trapset to be credited in cases where I played drums. Chad Walker was officially bassist The Sauce. Joe Worthen, once he got involved in the project, was officially Mickey Grits. Keyboardist Yggdrasil's Tears and rhythm guitarist Odin's Maiden were both malleably assigned.

We didn't have any grand plans with Caucoffin, and we usually only recorded when we didn't have anything else planned. For this reason, we made poor mixes of our recordings and never intended to make a full album. In late 2005, however, as I was finishing up the DVD work for Milligan Tribute Band, I found all of Caucoffin's original source recordings on my computer in various folders and decided to remaster the whole thing. I added new parts, Joe and I finished a few songs, and we recorded a few bonus instrumental tracks. This breathed a whole new life into this goofy project, turning it from something annoying and barely listenable to something great. We named the album The Caucoffin Anthology: 1980 - 1995 after making up a basic fictional story for the band and deciding which fictitious albums the various songs came from. In 2008, I expanded this story for the booklet of this album's final CD release.

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